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Northview Lacrosse Player Expectations & Commitments


Off Season: Player Activities

  • Players are encouraged to play a second sport at Northview. Coaches strongly believe that playing a second sport serves to develop the physical abilities of the athlete and as a result he will become a better lacrosse player.
  • Players are encouraged to participate on a summer lacrosse team. Coach Kaish will be leading a summer program out of Northview starting in Summer 2017.
  • Players are encouraged to participate in fall lacrosse. Northview will offer a fall program that will include 8-10 practices, 4-6 games, and workouts during the week led by the coaching staff.
  • Players need to be on the wall 4-5 days a week for 30 min. Easiest way to get on the field is to have a great stick.

Off and In Season

  • Fundraising
    • We are primarily a self-funded sport (with some aid from the school athletic department), and everyone must put forth effort to raise their share of funds for the program.  Numerous opportunities exist for various fundraisers. Players are not required to participate in every fundraiser, as long as he does his part to help the program meet our fundraising goal for the year.
  • Citizenship
    • Players represent Northview Lacrosse year round and need to represent the team and the school in a respectable manner.
    • We will engage in community activities once or twice a year and players should make every effort to participate in these undertakings. Examples of opportunities for this may include food or clothing drives for the needy, and assisting with Junior Titan tryouts, practices and camps when asked.

In season: Practices

  • Players will report to the first practice in shape.
  • Players will be ready for each practice 10 minutes prior to practice starting.
  • Players will be equipped at each practice with team practice gear.
  • If a player needs to miss practice they must inform the coaches as early as possible–a minimum of 24 hours prior, when possible.

Acceptable reasons for missing practice:

  1. Tutoring or meeting another academic obligation
  2. Honors assemblies
  3. Family emergencies
  4. Religious observations/functions

In Season: Games

  • Players will be at home games an hour and a half before games start.
  • Players will arrive at school for away games 30 minutes before the scheduled bus departure.