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Congratulations! You made the team! Now what?

1. Update your contact info our our website, www.northviewmenslacrosse.com.

If you've been getting emails from us, you have been created as a "member" on our website. Go to the website and log in, using your email address. Verify or enter your address, contact info, emails for contacting you. Please set your settings to receive text alerts and select your cell phone carrier so we can text you if necessary to communicate last minute information. Make sure if both parents need emails, both parents are listed.

2. Plan to attend our Face-off Meeting

Our Face-off Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 31, at 6pm in the Northview Cafeteria. All players need to attend and at least one parent with each player.  Here you will receive important information for the coming season, submit your player’s Code of Conduct Contract, ensure you’re signed up to volunteer, check your player’s fundraising/fees status, and receive your player’s uniform and player pack items. There will be spirit wear for sale!! Dinner from Rosa Mia will be provided the meeting, and players' meals are covered, but we will be collecting $11 for parents or siblings who attend to cover the cost of food. You must RVSP so we know you are coming! There is a link to the left of our home page where you can RSVP and pay.

3. Download, read, and complete the 2018 Player Contract; bring to the Face Off Dinner

Found on our website in “Documents.”

4. Sign up for Volunteer Duties

Required before player uniform will be issued. Click on the tab for the appropriate team from the left side of the home page. Each family must sign up for three games (or one primary function). Contributing to a team dinner is very appreciated, but does not count as one of those three games. 

5. Pay your players dues before or at the Face Off Dinner.

2018 Dues are $550. You can get a discount of $75 if you pay in full at or before the Face Off Dinner! Families must have reached 50% contribution at the Face Off dinner in order to receive player pack items. If you still need to contribute,  you can go to our website and click on Pay Dues Now. If you would like to avoid credit card fees, you can bring a check made out to Northview Men's Lacrosse (bring it to the Face Off Dinner). Amount needed to cover expenses for you player is $550 for the season. If you would prefer to pay in two installments, the first half ($275) is needed at the Face Off Dinner and the remainder is due March 1.  If you fundraised in the fall, you probably have some credit towards your total. Contact Andrea Myers (clintmyers@comcast.net) to see how much credit you have earned and what remainder you owe. There is a button on the right side of the home page for paying your dues. You can click HERE to be taken directly to the link to pay dues owed.

6. Pay Your Player's Fees to the Northview High School Athletics Department

To pay, go to northviewtitans.org. Choose "more" on the horizontal menu bar. Select "Registration Fees". The fee is $250 if this is your son's first sport this year, $200 if it is the second or third sport this year. This is collected by the athletic department for all sports and covers various budget items that boosters do not provide.